Our Safety Policy

Safety is Job One
Massey Energy’s members are the best trained, most productive and safest miners in the world. They embrace the company’s commitment to safety – including ongoing comprehensive training and use of state-of-the-art technology and equipment. Our members are the primary reason we lead the mining industry in productivity and safety.

Our strategy for continued safety improvement starts with our S-1 (Safety First) program. S-1 instills a culture of safety through a well-developed process of training, mentoring, monitoring, reduction of risk through safety innovation, and recognition of safety excellence. This focus on safety also gives Massey a competitive advantage; because a safely operated mine is a productive mine.

Comprehensive and Regular Assessment of Safety Practices
Every Massey member – from executive to miner – takes direct responsibility for safety. Massey’s process for safety evaluations provides each Massey member with an active voice in developing, improving and maintaining our safety programs.

Our extensive training efforts and frequent operations and management meetings create opportunities for the exchange of information and new ideas. Advancements in production technology and techniques are shared, understood and implemented in each of the company’s resource groups, and applied and monitored by each Massey member. Massey managers receive timely, accurate data related to the company’s daily operations, empowering them to make decisions based on the best information.