Safety Innovations

Innovations Drive Improvement
Massey has long been an innovator of safety enhancements and has introduced many safety practices that have subsequently been adopted throughout the mining industry in the United States and around the world. Since the establishment of our
S-1 safety program, the innovation has increased. Following is a chronology of just a few of these Massey innovations:

Reflective Clothing 1993 – Massey mandates the use of reflective clothing; Massey mandates use of metatarsal work boots for mining operations

1994 – Massey implements seat belt policy for all mining equipment

ATRS Flapper Pads 1995 – Massey designs, develops and implements ATRS flapper pads for roof bolters; Massey replaces ladders on large trucks with steps to reduce falls

1996 – Massey requires the use of strobe lights on underground vehicles

1999 – Massey installs lights on all belt line feeders; Massey adds submarine safety package on stockpile dozers and loaders

2000 – Massey requires the use of reflective tape on all surface vehicles

2002 – Massey adds submarine safety package on highwall excavators and shovels; Massey implements continuous miner radio remote safety precautions

Safety Camera 2003 – Massey installs safety cameras on surface haulage trucks

Continuous Miner Proximity Protection Device 2005 – Massey begins development of continuous miner proximity protection device

Foam Fire-Fighting Car 2007 – Massey develops self-contained foam fire-fighting car