Massey’s long history of environmental stewardship is most evident through our land reclamation efforts, including the planting of millions of trees and the successful reclamation of thousands of acres in West Virginia, Kentucky and Virginia.

Our engineers partner with forestry experts on these reclamation initiatives, receiving numerous awards from mining and timber associations like the Society of American Foresters, the Appalachian Regional Reforestation Initiative and government agencies.

One misconception about land reclamation is that the new forests and wildlife habitats are flat. In fact, most reclamation areas are returned to rolling hills. When land is left flat after mining, it is usually so that the land can be employed in some productive way such as the creation of public schools, industrial and commercial centers, or other purposes of wide public interest and benefit.

reclamation1.jpg Some might also be surprised to learn that West Virginia is the third most forested state in the nation with 11.9 million acres of forested land. Thanks in part to reclamation efforts by Massey and other mining companies, more trees are planted each year than are cut down.

All of us at Massey are proud to have reclaimed more acres of land in West Virginia and Central Appalachia than any other mining company. It is emblematic of our total commitment to our home, and our planet.