Environmental Performance

In 2007, we focused our efforts on improving our environmental performance.? As a result of our intense focus on exceeding environmental requirements, our company’s subsidiaries achieved a 36 percent reduction in citations from state regulatory agencies.

Our Logan County Mine Services resource group – winner of Massey’s coveted Green Miner Award for 2007 – led the company with a 70 percent reduction in violations from the West Virginia Department of Environmental Protection.

Massey continues to devote time and resources to mitigation efforts and community improvement projects.? For example, Massey donated the land to facilitate the construction of the Earl Ray Tomblin Center, a conference and meeting facility, in Logan, West Virginia and created both Indian Rock Creek Park near Craigsville, West Virginia and Grant’s Branch Park in Stone, Kentucky, recreational areas frequently utilized by local residents.? Massey Members, financial contributions, and equipment have also supported a variety of highway and stream clean-up efforts.