At Massey, we also know the importance of a good job with good benefits. As a result, we also offer a comprehensive benefits package so that you will have a better and more secure future for you and your family than you would have by working almost anywhere else.

Your Wealth

Massey Energy sponsors a number of plans that allow you to protect your income today and save for tomorrow – helping you meet your current and future financial goals.

Two Ways to Save – The Pension and 401(k) Plans
We offer two opportunities to help you save for retirement: the Pension Plan and the 401(k) Plan.

The Pension Plan
As a member of a Massey company, you automatically participate in the Pension Plan. This benefit is provided at no cost to you and is 100% funded by your Company. As you continue to work for Massey, your account balance will continue to grow. You obtain ownership, or become vested, in your account after?three years. The amount of your benefit will depend, in part, on when you retire.

The 401(k) Plan
The 401(k) Plan allows you to save for retirement using pre-tax contributions. This means that, because you set aside money from your paycheck before most taxes are taken out, you save on taxes while saving for your future. What’s more, the Company will make matching contributions of 10% on the first 10% of pay you contribute to the Plan. That’s an immediate return on your investment!

Your Health

Your health is important to us! That’s why we provide you and your family with complete medical, prescription, dental and vision coverage at no monthly premium cost to you!

Medical Coverage
Massey’s comprehensive health care program is competitive on both a local and national level. Very few employers in any industry provide their employees with health coverage at such a low?monthly premium cost. Massey also continues to set the example with its innovative wellness centers. As a result, your health benefits rank among the very best of any company in the U.S. – not just coal companies, but all companies.

Our Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield plan is a 90/10 PPO plan, which means that you benefit from pre-negotiated fees by using a network of providers. You are free to see any physician of your choice within the network without a referral. You are responsible for paying only a modest portion of the cost for care each time you use the plan. Once you satisfy your deductible, the plan pays 90% of your eligible expenses and you pay 10% of the cost up to your out-of-pocket maximum each year, the plan pays 100% of your covered expenses.

Coverage for Massey’s generous benefits program also include prescription drugs, dental, orthodontic and vision care and much more!

The West Virginia Family Wellness Center
We partnered with the West Virginia Family Wellness Center to be our premier health care provider for our members and their families. Located in Madison, this facility provides the best health care available at one of the most modern primary care facilities in southern West Virginia.

Comprehensive Health Solutions
Located in Williamson, WV, Comprehensive Health Solutions offers the same high-quality health care that the Wellness Center provides. This facility is available to all Massey members, their spouses, and their children ages two years and older.